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The Scream, by Edvard Munch (Arts and Crafts - 3º)

Hi there!!!!

In the Arts and Crafts class, Year 3 and Teacher María have been working on the face expressions, as you know. Last week we added something new to learn: the difference between warm colours and cool colours.

On the one hand, warm colours are those which remind us of sunlight and heat: red, orange, yellow, light green...; they make us feel active and happy, don't they? On the other hand, cold colours remind us of water and the sky: violet, purple, indigo, blue...; they have the ability to calm and soothe us. Here's a picture so as you can clearly see the difference between them.

There wasn't a better work of art to illustrate these two concepts than THE SCREAM, by the expresionist artist Edvard Munch. He painted four versions of it between 1893 and 1910, and he used oil, tempera and pastels on cardboard

Here are some pictures of the pupils working on their masterpieces!!!

And here is the final result of one of them:

I hope you enjoyed this entry.

The children from Year 3 really had a good time letting their imagination go and learning something new about colours; besides, they learnt the meaning of this mysterious face expression that Munch created.

See you soon!!!

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