martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

Year 6 pupils visit "Los Hornos" Wildlife Centre in Sierra de Fuentes.

Hi everybody,

Yesterday we went  to a wildlife centre.We went by bus. We saw many animals including,eagles,vultures,owls,fawms (young deer).
We also watched Milagros. She was a beautiful eagle. She had a heart problem.
We touched an owl without eyes too. Its name was Harry.
First, we entered a room and a person from the centre explained different things about birds. Then, we visited a room with lots of eggs and birds.
Finally, in the bus, we played,took photos and drew .
It was the most beautiful day in our lives.

Álvaro and Carmen (6th A).

Hi friends,

Yesterday we visited a wildlife centre with injured animals in Sierra de Fuentes. We watched many animals for example, eagles, a black vulture and owls. There were also mammals like roe deers.

Javier and  Alba (6th A).

Hi friends,

Yesterday we visited Sierra de Fuentes. We watched a lot of animals. We watched an owl, a vulture, eagles, a kestrel (in Spanish, cernícalo), a hawk (halcón). We also watched some mammals: roe deer (corzos)  and  a otter.

Fco. Javier and Ivan (6th B)

Hi friends,

Yesterday, we visited a wildlife recovery centre in Sierra de Fuentes. There were a lot of animals. For example: imperial eagles, barn owls and kestrels.
And we also watched different mammals: roe deers and otters. Lots of birds were sick or injured and
they couldn't fly.

Naiara and Raul (6th B)

Hi friends

Yesterday we visited a wildlife recovery centre. We saw lots of types of birds. We saw a bison too. There were two roe deer. The female imperial eagle was bigger than  the male one. We saw a lot of kestrels. We ate candy. We saw an otter. We saw a black stork (cigüeña) and a barn owl. It was very a great experience.

Mª Daniela and Nazaret (6th B)

Hi friends,

Yesterday we went to Sierra de Fuentes. We watched a lot of birds in the wildlife recovery centre, such as  eagles,vultures,barn owls, a stork, a black stork,a roe deer and otters.The female eagles were bigger than the male eagles.It's was an unforgetable experience.

Miguel Prieto (6th)

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